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We apply new technologies and innovation to climbing gyms.

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Activity in climbing gyms is growing rapidly. That's why indoor climbing needs new tools to manage all this increasing activity and improve the climber's experience.

Lizcore® System creates a network of sensors designed to record and manage all the necessary information within the most modern climbing gyms.


This grader is the main sensor. It allows to identify the climber and display all the necessary information for each route or boulder. Its buttons allow to interact with it to perform different actions that we will explain later.

The Grader Start is the only device that has buttons and it offers this functionalities to all climbers:


Launching in 2025.

This prototype aims to prevent and reduce accidents when using an auto-belay system in the gym. It will have different layers of security to prevent climbers climbing without specific skills, if climbers forgot to attach properly and trying to climb without permission.

It's in current development and we plan to release it to the market in 2025.


The Aurora is the support where the Grader sensors are placed. The color of the Aurora will help identify the color of the route and its path since the Grader Start will always be at the beginning of the route and at the end of the route you will find the Grader Top.

We have chosen a hold manufacturer committed not only to the quality of the material but also to the origin of the manufacturing material. Dida’k Climbing Holds manufactures their holds with 40% natural material.


This sensor detects the arrival of the climber at the TOP hold of the route or boulder. It does not have buttons. The sensor detects the climber using wireless technology.

We believe this sensor is necessary to improve the user’s experience during their activity. The installation of this sensor is optional since the Grader Start allows the climber to manually mark the top.


The same device is designed to be used to mark passage zones within the block or track.

This device is recommended for competitions and should be configured as such.


The personal identifier for climbing routes and blocks in Lizcore® System.

When a license is purchased, the information on the bracelet is automatically configured to access all options of the system and application.

Forget about your phone while you climb!

Lizcore Mobile Climbing App

The Lizcore Climbing App is in its beta version. If you have any interesting comments we want to hear from you. Complete the form and we'll be in touch.

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