Your climbing progress at your fingertips

The Lizcore® System brings innovation to indoor climbing. It expands the horizons of the climbing gym.

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Are you an investor?

Invest in the LIZCORE® SYSTEM revolution. The platform set to become the Strava® or Playtomic® of indoor climbing.

Take the opportunity to join our first seed round and help making it a reality.

lizcore climber dashboard mobile app

For climbing gyms and federations

Increase the services and performance of the areas by recording the activity that occurs on each road or group of roads.

Motivate your users with new challenges every week, with rankings by levels and cups with gifts that you can configure from the management application.

lizcore climber dashboard mobile app

For route setters

A tool to organize your equipment and disassembly in each room where you work.

With Lizcore® System your routes and blocks will have ratings. Make yourself visible and expand your services.

lizcore climber dashboard mobile app

For climbers

What would you ask of your climbing gym? A list of routes and active blocks, information on the style of each route, a personalized grade according to your morphology, ...

All this and more is offered by the Lizcore® System.

lizcore climber dashboard mobile app


We started in September 2022, but we have some big names in the world of indoor climbing who rate the Lizcore® system.

“I run two climbing gyms and the Lizcore system is a turning point in how we analyze activity at the gym, as well as motivating the climbers and keeping them coming back for more. It’s a great way to make training playful.”

Víctor Esteller

“As a climber, I think it’s an amazing piece of technology for staying on top of what I’ve climbed and logging my progress. As a coach, I see it as a great way to monitor my athletes.”

Patxi Usobiaga

“My work as a route setter has taken a giant leap forward with this technology. Knowing what’s going on with the moves I’ve created and getting feedback from the climbers themselves is so important to this profession.”

Jerome González

Lizcore Mobile Climbing App

The Lizcore Climbing App is in its beta version. If you have any interesting comments we want to hear from you. Complete the form and we'll be in touch.

lizcore climber dashboard mobile app