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Exclusive discount during this year (2024).

Take advantage of the exclusive discount during the fair and join the revolution in the world of routesetting! With the Routesetter Premium License pre-order, you will gain access to unique benefits that will enhance your routesetting experience:


The Lizcore system is simple and provides detailed information. Let us explain it step by step:

lizcore SETTING


Set the boulder or route following your instincts, without being limited by the color of the holds that indicates the grade. Now you can set with hold colors without worrying about the defined grade.

lizcore route sett


Place the Grader-Start device at the foot of each route and the Grader-Top device above the Top hold. Remember, they are installed like regular holds with 10mm or 8mm metric screws.

lizcore climber


Bring your Lizy identifier close to the Grader-Start, where your routesetter license will be linked. Thanks to having the routesetter license, you will have access to special configurations.

lizcore gym admin


In just three steps, you will offer users the most important points of this new route: Hold color, Route location, and Start style (Sit / Crouching / Standing / Swing-Start).

lizcore app


Now, all that's left is to climb the route, and when you reach the Top hold, the Grader-Top sensor will certify your completion. This way, the system will obtain precise information about the time required to complete this climb.

lizcore gym admin


After completing the climb, it's time to propose the grade of the route you created. Remember that it's only a proposal, and you have the French grading scale to be more accurate.

lizcore gym admin


If you deem it necessary, you can record a video of your climb and add it to the configuration of your new route. These details are appreciated by users.

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In the Lizcore routesetter application, you can include more additional data about the created route: number of moves, highlighted hold type, average distance between holds, technical level, and routesetter tips.

lizcore gym admin


Lizcore will now notify all users of the climbing gym where you have set and all users who have you as their preferred routesetter, even if they haven't climbed in the gym you set yet.


Feedback and Analysis for Professional Progress: Power up your creations!

Lizcore Personalized grading

Propose Grades

You have the freedom to propose up to 24 levels of grading in your routes. Although your proposal is essential, users and the algorithm will decide the final grade through consensus, providing accuracy and fairness in the rating.

Lizcore Personalized grading

Comprehensive Details

Offer your climbers an enriching experience by providing complete details of your routes. From technical information to route peculiarities, Lizcore allows you to bring each route to life with a detailed description.

Lizcore Personalized grading

Be Valued

Feedback and recognition from your climbers reach another level. You will receive likes and comments on your routes, allowing you to understand the users' opinions and continuously improve your creations.

Lizcore Personalized grading

Data Analysis

Collect valuable data about the performance of your routes and the interaction of climbers. Use this information to conduct a thorough analysis and optimize your designs, elevating your level of professionalism.

Lizcore Personalized grading

Professional Motivation

Push your own limits! With Lizcore, you can climb up the ranks of the most valued routesetters, gaining recognition within the climbing community and attracting the attention of other gyms looking for talent and excellence.

Lizcore Personalized grading

Job Board

The Lizcore platform acts as a showcase for your skills. Showcase your services and ratings in the app for other climbing gyms to discover you. Get ready for new job opportunities, without commissions or intermediaries. Stand out in your career as a routesetter with Lizcore!


Book your Routesetter license now and get the lifetime premium version! Launching in 2024. The tool that will revolutionize the grading and analysis system of our routes.

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Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

What advantages do I get with the Routesetter Premium License?

With the Routesetter Premium License, you will have the first advantage of being able to configure the grader-start and program the routes. On the other hand, you will have access to exclusive benefits, such as free lifetime updates, being a VIP Routesetter member with access to the Job Board, additional discounts on routesetting products, invitations to exclusive events, and early access to the Lizcore system.

What is the duration of the Routesetter Premium License?

The Routesetter Premium License is lifetime, which means that once acquired, you will have access to all the advantages and updates indefinitely. This promotion is unique, as after the launch, the routesetter license will require an annual subscription update with a cost. However, by trusting Lizcore as a visionary, we offer you the Routesetter Premium License with a one-time payment and for a lifetime. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity and be part of the Lizcore revolution.

Can I be a climber in Lizcore with my Routesetter license?

Of course! By obtaining the Routesetter license, you will have access to all the premium climber user functionalities in Lizcore. Moreover, your user will be linked to the boulder climber, autobelay climber, and lead climber licenses, providing you with a complete experience. With this license, you will enjoy all the services of Lizcore both as a routesetter and a climber, without the need to pay separately. It's the perfect option for climbing professionals like you!

What is the difference between the free version and the Premium?

As a Routesetter, we do not offer a free version as we understand that a professional like you needs the best tools. With the Routesetter Premium License, you will have access to advanced features, detailed analysis, personalized notifications, and exclusive content to take your climbing to the next level. Best of all, you only pay once for the Premium app and never have to worry about additional fees. Take advantage of this special promotion during the Salon de l’Escalade!

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Lizcore Mobile Climbing App

The Lizcore Climbing App is in its beta version. If you have any interesting comments we want to hear from you. Complete the form and we'll be in touch.

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