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Our Products

Discover how our products can revolutionize the experience in your climbing gym and improve the safety and satisfaction of your climbers.


Interactive device for boulder problems and routes


Sensor and push button device


Analyze all your activity.

(launching in 2025)

Interactive Auto Belay Device

(launching in 2024)

Sensor device


The Lizcore® System is simple and provides detailed information. Here’s how it works step by step:

lizcore SETTING


Start your journey as an administrator by registering with Lizcore and customizing your climbing center. Customize schedules and the grading system to your needs.

lizcore SETTING


Simply place the Grader-Start and Grader-Top devices on the routes, with metric bolts, just like any other hold.

lizcore SETTING


WITHOUT CABLES, set up the wireless connection and configure the Wi-Fi network without complications. Once installed, your climbing wall is transformed into a completely digitized space.

lizcore SETTING


The route setters put up routes, and our system automatically evaluates them. Users are notified and can come and climb.

lizcore SETTING


Users use their Lizy wristband to tap-in to the Grader-Start, recording each ascent without having to carry their phones around with them.

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Check the progress and data of all routes minute-by-minute. Stay up to date with what's happening at your climbing gym.

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Climbers give their opinions, driving improvements and optimizing routes. Access comprehensive reports on the popularity of the routes. Learn what your climbers appreciate most.

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Organize competitions and challenges to motivate climbers and build community spirit in your climbing gym.

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Intelligent route creation

Take advantage of the data analysis to strip less popular routes and set new routes that get your climbers psyched. INTELLIGENT ROUTE CREATION


Maximize safety and properly analyze activity at your climbing gym with Lizcore! Digitize your sports facility

Lizcore Personalized grading


Grants licenses to users to access different routes (boulder, lead or auto-belay) and ensures a safe environment.

Lizcore Personalized grading


Provide your climbers with complete route details, encouraging informed, safe climbing that can be logged.

Lizcore Personalized grading


Monitor user activity in real time, ensuring access control and proper use of routes.

Lizcore Personalized grading


Allows users to rate routes, adjusting and improving them based on their feedback.

Lizcore Personalized grading


Identify patterns and trends in climbing to create routes and boulder problems adapted to your users’ preferences.

Lizcore Personalized grading


Create routes that challenge and motivate climbers progressively, aiding their improvement.

Lizcore Personalized grading


Collect valuable information on route performance and climber progress.

Lizcore Personalized grading


Motivate your users with challenges, First Ascent Cups and Speed Medals.

Lizcore Personalized grading


Check ratings so you can get in the best route setters and use the holds preferred by users on the Lizcore® platform.


Book your Grader-Start now and get the Lizcore system before other gyms. We will give you premium benefits and a price for life! Launching in 2024. The tool that will revolutionize indoor climbing.

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We know that you may have many questions, here we leave you the questions that we have been asked the most. If you have more questions you can contact us at sales@lizcore.com

What are the advantages of Booking the System now?

Reserving the system during this year (2024) gives you multiple benefits: Exclusive 40% Discount: Take advantage of a special discount available only during this period. Priority Access: You will be one of the first to gain access to the innovative Lizcore platform. Custom Configuration: Our team will help you customize the system to the specific needs of your climbing gym. Specialized Advice: You will receive detailed guidance on the installation and operation of Lizcore. Free Updates: Enjoy free lifetime updates to constantly improve your climbers' experience. Participation in Exclusive Events: Get invitations to exclusive events and sessions for Lizcore administrators. Priority Support: Access dedicated support and resolve any queries quickly and efficiently.

When will I receive the devices at my climbing gym?

Once the reservation is made during the year (2024), we will provide you with a detailed schedule. Delivery of the Grader-Start and Grader-Top devices is planned to begin on [01/01/2024]. Our team will ensure devices are configured to your needs and shipped safely. Because we value your experience, we work diligently to have devices delivered to you on time, ready for installation. Additionally, we will keep you informed at every stage of the process, providing you with timely updates on shipping status and estimated arrival. Your satisfaction is our priority and we are committed to ensuring successful installation at your gym.

What does being a Lizcore Premium Climbing Gym include?

Being a Premium Lizcore climbing gym is a choice that will transform the way you manage your facility and serve your climbers. By joining our Premium program, you will enjoy: Full Access to Advanced Features: Explore all the advanced features of Lizcore at no additional costs. Constant Updates: Always receive the most up-to-date version of Lizcore software, with access to the latest improvements and features. Exclusive Support: Our support team will be at your disposal to resolve any query or problem as a priority. Active Collaboration: As a Premium climbing gym, you will have the opportunity to collaborate in the evolution of Lizcore. Your suggestions and comments will be considered for future updates. By choosing to be a Premium Lizcore climbing gym, you are investing in operational excellence and the satisfaction of your climbers. Together, we’ll create a safer, more engaging and connected climbing environment.

What is the difference between the free version and the Premium version?

Only climbers can access the free version of the app. We do not offer a free version to route setters, since we understand that a professional like you needs the best tools. With the Route Setter Premium license, you'll have access to advanced features, detailed analytics, personalized notifications, and exclusive content to take your route setting and climbing to the next level. Best of all, you'll only pay once for the Premium app, and you'll never have to worry about additional fees again. Take advantage of this special promotion during the Salon de l’Escalade!

What do I need to install Lizcore in my climbing gym?

You only need Grader-Start and Grader-Top devices, and access to a Wi-Fi network. Our support team will guide you through the process.

How are licenses and user access managed?

Lizcore allows you to license users to access specific routes. You can control who can climb and on which routes (boulder, lead or auto-belay).

What happens if I have technical problems with the devices?

We offer dedicated technical support to resolve any issue. Contact our team and we will help you solve it.

How to motivate my climbers with Lizcore?

Use features like Challenges, First Ascent Cups and Speed Medals to motivate and challenge your climbers.

Is Lizcore suitable for climbing walls of all sizes?

Yes, Lizcore is scalable and can adapt to climbing walls of different sizes and capacities.

What advantages does Lizcore have in terms of safety?

Lizcore offers access control to routes, ensuring that only users who have the license for that type of route can climb it. This improves safety in your climbing gym.

How can I start using Lizcore in my climbing gym?

It's simple! Contact our team, and we will guide you through the installation process to maximize the benefits of Lizcore.

How many Grader-Start devices do I need to set up Lizcore at my climbing gym?

Each Grader-Start has the capacity to monitor up to three routes simultaneously, using three Grader-Top devices. To start, we suggest having at least 30 or 50 routes in your climbing gym enabled with Lizcore. As you grow and expand your facilities, you can gradually expand Lizcore coverage to cover more routes and offer a more complete climbing experience. We are here to help you every step of the implementation process.

Lizcore Mobile Climbing App

The Lizcore Climbing App is in its beta version. If you have any interesting comments we want to hear from you. Complete the form and we'll be in touch.

lizcore climber dashboard mobile app